I’ve been keeping an eye on this project for a while now. This project definitely deserves some support, and i’ve tossed in my few bucks. I’m currently playing Path of Exile, and it’s great to see small development teams out-perform that “other” game. i fully expect this team to do the same.

Keep up the amazing work, and looking forward to a great game!

hi and welcome, glad you have decided to support this game, more support equals a better game, so glad you joined us, and yeah, I think this game will be very special and will put big budget studios to shame,

so anyway, see you around the forums

Hello and welcome! Always glad to have more support around here.

Welcome relative of R2D2.
Occasionally there’s some PoE bashing, but don’t let that spoil your stay here.
The GD army needs to grow into an unstoppable force slitting the throats of all the non-believers !!!

Welcome to Grim Dawn!

Enjoy the game of forums as we wait for the alpha to arrive.

Hope you enjoy your stay and the wait for alpha! :slight_smile:

Listen well to the words of Brother Shrimp, for the Cult grows stronger with every passing day. Upon the release of the Sacred Alpha the masses shall swell. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the fOrums !


Today brings us more than half way thru April… Should be getting close …