Hunted Animals Not Depleted - V0.7.2


Great game! Really extremely well done and enjoying it immensely.

There is an issue with Boar and Deer populations not being depleted properly. In the South of my city there is a boar encampment that has been there since I started. I am now at 200 population and that area has apple trees and farms.

The hunter in the area will hunt the Boars until they disappear and the emblem will disappear for maybe 5 minutes, but eventually the Boars come back and repopulate. This entire area is fenced in and the corner of the map has a guard post, so that portion of the map is completely visible.

I have a similar issue with deer as well. Deer are inside my city walls right along the river. No matter how many times I hunt them down to 0 they eventually repopulate inside of my city walls.


Great game.

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