Hunter cabin says no deer; icon shows plenty

I just started a new settlement in Idyllic Valley. I have hunters cabins showing the red deer icon, saying there are no deer within the area of effect. There are green deer icons near each one, and some cabins have two such icons, all of which show abundant deer within each cabin’s area of effect. My settlers are starving in the midst of plenty.

I and others have experienced this with hunters cabins on restarting a game. Click on the cabin and your hunter should go back to work.

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I tried that. They didn’t. However, I restarted the game (rerolled the map), and they seem to be behaving.

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Perhaps too many hunters and some are unable to hunt because deers don’t respawn fast enough?

I’ve seen it a lot at the turn of the new year, they all complain of no deer.

Then they go out, bag one and the red icon goes away, until the next new year.

Especially if the winter Blizzard is heavy late in the year and they’ve been in ‘Seeking Shelter’ mode for a bit.


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