Hunter traps (tier 2) persist and multiply when relocating Hunter Cabins

So these hunter traps (localization tag not found"!) won’t go away.
They seem to be no longer a part of the hunter’s trap rotation after relocating a Hunter Cabin.

Now I just deleted the (tier 2) Hunter Cabins.
Saved the game, exit to desktop, then reloaded.
Was hoping if the “owner” is no longer valid, they’d go up in smoke.
But yeah nopes, they’re still around everywhere.

I do relocate buildings all the time to get better supply chains going,
So there’s another 1…4 bear traps on the ground.

Wasn’t sure where to put this … [bug] or [feedback]
So it’s more of a "strong feedback, to have the traps removed when deleting the respective Hunter Cabin(s) (owner)

When I set it to 0, the hunter did eventually go out and remove the traps (on a previous build). There are reports of the slider being bugged in this latest build and refusing to stay at whatever it is set at, so maybe it is refusing to stay set at 0?

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That’s a lot of circle retargeting, but thanks for helping out.
Will try that
It’s got to the point that I can’t tell apart the small plants (herbs etc) from traps anymore.

Some traps are “inside” buildings now, should I remove the buildings, too?

Trap removal is bugged, they’re working on it.

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