Hurricane Florence

It’s huge cataclysm.

Over 1 million people evacuating and the worst part is everyone can just watch how it unfolds and hope it weakens in power further.

That’s nature for you. And the World Equestrian Games are going on in North Carolina. Already had problems with the weather and it’s only going to get worse.

Seems to be decreasing in power

It has, but the size, scope and energy of the storm will be very impactful of the area. Also, because its expected to stall over the area for a few days. So lots of rain and flooding.

Even though the storm’s category fell from a 4 to a 2 Wednesday, forecasters stressed the category is only an evaluation of the storm’s peak winds in a very narrow core near the center of the storm. The storm’s size and area affected by hazardous winds have actually expanded, and the threat from storm storm and rain-induced flooding “have not changed” tweeted Rick Knabb, The Weather Channel’s tropical weather expert and former Hurricane Center director

I’m watching CNN international right now (only US cable network we get in the Netherlands) and there are reporters standing up to their waist in water near rivers and the coast. Being Dutch I have ample experience with water, I live below sea level like many here, but what’s really surprising is the total lack of flood defenses I can see. Cities are flooding right now and there’s not even a little levy, there’s nothing to even temporarily hold back the water. This is unthinkable here, in fact it’s pretty close to heresy if such a thing is possible in our secular society. Here there would be a massive dike at least, probably more than that. It’s a bit of a contradiction, such a wealthy country with such poor defenses. I hope everyone living there has left already, this will be bad.