Hurricane Irma

If anyone in SoFL needs a couch to crash on, and I determine you aren’t insane, you may sleep on my couch in Savannah, GA to ride this storm out. Bring beer LOL

Damn upstanding of you to offer - hopefully all of our friends and family down there have someplace safe to go.

Yep I’m fucked, hope this thing goes away by some freak of nature

I shudder just thinking the hurricane can strengthen again if it somehows happen to go inbetween Cuba and the Keys, those waters happen to be VERY warm right now with the HIGH temperature it has been having for awhile now.

It isn’t…

You need to begin preparing IMMEDIATELY my friend. My sister lives in Tampa and she is scared shitless. They’re coming up to Savannah, but a new tracking model now predicts that the damn thing will hit here, too.


Prepare? No I need to work, I can’t afford to stop working.

Yea, I have to evacuate now as well. I95 is a hot tranny mess right now, too. UGH!!! I need to move away from the south. I’ve had enough heat and hurricanes and tornadoes to last the rest of my damn life.

Good luck to you.

GL to all y’all, sounds like Murica has it rough this time. God bless

This is clearly a monster. However,. I think such storms will only be more frequent as time passes. Trump can say what he likes, but really, global warming is happening. Until we humans realise that we are responsible for this, then we won’t do anything about it.

I say, such storms will only increase, and only will get stronger as time passes. While this one might need a huge relief fund for the effected people, but that isn’t going to do much if another one hits, then another, then another…

It’s high time, we humans start to take responsibility of this planet, or else we might end up regretting it before long.

Best of luck to all those impacted by Irma. Be safe.

be safe to all, hope you find some save place to stay and wait until the storm settles