I am looking for a good build but ...

Hello everyone, as in the title, I am looking for a good build but I would like the first class to be a necromancer.
Of course I see it like this, I would like this character to be able to summon very strong undead and be able to use deadly spells

some kind of Archlich from the anime Overlord - Ainz Ooal Gown this is the main character of the series and he is undead.
Or Kangaxx from game Baldurs Gate 2 he is Archlich to.

Please help me create best necromancer - Archlich in game. :smiley:

Hi Okami, welcome to the forums!

It sounds like what you’re looking for is mostly contained within the necromancer mastery itself. Skeleton summons and blight fiend for pets, maybe reap spirit as well. Spirit drain and other active skills are good for the deadly spells part. Unfortunately, good pets and good spells are somewhat mutually exclusive due to the fact that pet bonuses and player bonuses are separate and come from different pieces of gear. A good piece for a pet build is usually not good for a spellcaster build and vice versa.

Either way, you could consider occultist or shaman as your second mastery due to their good synergy with vitality damage which is a big part of the skeleton’s power and also your spells, plus their possession of further pets. Unfortunately, a truly omnipotent Archlich type caster that can perform any magic but is physically frail is probably not possible due to the balance restraints on the game. You will need to cover your defenses and your HP pool in some way and don’t have enough skill points to learn every spell, so be sure to focus on the ones you do choose!

That is, universality is a bad option or does not exist?

So what’s best to focus on offensive magic or summoning?

The summoned creatures can be just as powerful as the character of the player? Whether to play with spells alone is in this case unbeatable by summoned beings?
And what additional class would be the best to reinforce the summoned undead?

Or not choose a second class to fully develop the Necromancer?

You will be hindered by not choosing a second mastery. You will not have enough stat points invested into the mastery bar(s) to get good health and defensive ability.

You could possible try something like this (though gear is more than 50% of the build, and I did not do anything serious with the devotions)
You will not have access to a healing spell like Siphon Souls or Mark of Wendigo (from devotions) so you have to kite. You could treat Ravenous earth a a stationary additional pet that deals massive damage and is easy to scale up with +to skills.

It is not that summoner is stronger than a caster, or vice versa. But it is difficult to pull off a good hybrid.

As was mentioned, the skeletons from the Necro do mostly vitality damage, and good secondary classes for that are Shaman and Occultist (mostly thanks to their resistance reduction spells) and those classes also have pet support (Shaman have two good additional pets, and the Occultist have the Bysmiel skill) but its gonna be difficult to get gear that both multiplies your damage (vitality) and give bonuses to pet damage and sturdiness.

you could try a hybrid spellbinder (necro/arcanist) for aether based spellcasting and some pet support:


but imo these builds are inferior to pure pet builds such as cabalist (necro/occultist - one of the strongest possible combinations in the game) or and to a lesser extent ritualist as well as pure aether casters. when it comes to fiction, the closest to the archlich’s archetype would be uroboruk set aether drain essence spellbinder:


i rly like to help plyr like u but sorry i didnt play aom so cant help with necro classe

Well, i see it’s not possible to create what I’m looking for.

Which combination would be the most effective or better for the summoning undead? Occultist or Shaman? Because I understand that only a maximum of 2 creatures can be recalled and developed. Because of restrictions

is there any information what pet are stronger?

… so I checked full summoning and the effect is not too satisfactory


Thinking about spellbinder.
But I think that now I want to see what classes with the most powerful creatures look like and how look likes these builds

I don’t know anything about pet builds, but if you want summoners then check out sigatrev’s builds. Guy makes godlike pet builds for cheap and he currently holds the record for fastest gladiator clear posted in this forum, where he uses a pet build.

Hi Okami,

Would it be rude of me to ask what your experience with Grim Dawn is? I gauge that your a fairly new player & so may not have a large pool of already acquired items to draw from. For the likes of the posted link below (and in this thread by other members), it may be some time before this build (or others) is achievable for someone like yourself if relatively new to the game. Don’t let this put you off though.

But anyhow, having said that, if your interested in something other than pet builds then perhaps this may be to your liking:

It’s a Drain Essence + Ravenous Earth Vitality/Aether build.

Do note this build is neither complete nor untested so I cannot provide any detail as to the builds overall performance.


Hi, yes, I’m new. I would like to create a summoner now, but that does not mean that I will not be interested in something else.

In general, my style of play is quite specific. I’ve always played solo mages, powerful spells, etc. As I used the opportunity, I called for powerful creatures. I also fought with such a magician up close
I never ran away and on the contrary I went where the most enemies were.
But not many games have class where can summon monsters, that’s why I want create a summoner.

I trying to do something but…

After a long time and thought, maybe something powerful and effective is actually from Spellbinder or Reaper?
But I would like the first violin to be played by the necromancer’s skill, but not necessarily the summoning thread. (but summoning is not needed)

I am also looking for a powerful Spellbinder under Pve and PvP, does anyone have any suggestions? It would be nice if he had a lot of damage and effective skills, something like the main character’s Overlord.
I know that I demand a lot but I would like a powerful Archlich who could not be matched in PvE and PvP.
I am asking you for help :slight_smile:

This game isn’t made for PvP, it’s made for PvE. There are some bosses that have more than 1000x the health that any well-made character can achieve. Any fight between players would last mere seconds. :stuck_out_tongue:

Something to know about this game: your characters must be very defensive. If you focus on only power, you will die to anything speedy once you reach Ultimate (the highest difficulty).

That said, the best way to get both defense and power is item sets. Grimtools is a great website to look at items, monsters, and builds. I suggest you look at some item sets for Necromancer, like Uroburuuk’s Guise (Uroburuuk is a legendary necromancer in Grim Dawn), Shepherd of Lost Souls (a pet build for summoning skeletons and hellhounds), Krieg’s Armament (a powerful aetherial commander), or Diviner’s Vision (a spellbinder set).
Unfortunately, item sets require legendary items, which can take a long time to get. You can find trading threads on this website, which can help you get the items you need.
I suggest choosing an item set that supports the skills that interest you, and choose your class based on that item set. Then, find a good build for that class, a build that is beginner friendly (no item sets required) which you can use to level up and farm for the item set you’re aiming for.
Hope this helps!

Edit: Don’t pay attention to how an item looks. You can customize how your character looks by changing the look of your armor without changing the stats. So just look at items for stats alone.

this is useful information thanks :slight_smile: But before I can get at least one artifact, it will take a long time and if it happens, I need a build which will allow me to survive until that moment