I can't find the devastating crush skill please help

hi i’m new and i made my first character is an occultist, i found an obsidian shield that gives me bonuses to devastating crush, but i can’t find the ability anywhere, i’m playing in epic mode, thanks for your answer

if you mean https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/13473
then shattering smash is an oathkeeper skill, wps to be more precise
need to pick oathkeeper to be able to utilize and boost that skill through the shield

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Are you using a translation package? Obsidian shields have bonuses to Blast Shield which is a Demolitionist skill and Shattering Smash which is an Oathkeeper one. They can also have bonuses to Occultist’s Solael’s Witchfire or Inquisitor’s Rune of Kalastor.

I would guess that Devastating Crush if you’re translating from another language into English would be the Shattering Smash skill.

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yes i changed the game to my native language which is Spanish, I suppose it is wrongly translated, thank you very much

Thank you very much I suppose that shield obsidian shield will not serve me since my character is an occultist / soldier

Well, if you’re using Occultist’s Solael’s Witchfire skill then yes, it will.

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Should add to what Gnuffi said as well. When you hover over an item, if the skill bonus lines like “+3 to Shattering Smash” or “100% Physical Damage converted to Chaos Damage to Shattering Smash” are greyed out or not lit, it means that it’s for a skill in a class that your character isn’t a part of.


Yes, I am currently using it and I really like it, thanks for the reply

humm ok I understand better about the gray letters