I just came to a realization regarding the lore (story spoiler maybe?)

I apologize in advance if this was obvious, silly or been mentioned 100 times already.

After completing the story I found it weird that we never encountered the aetherial that possessed our body. But then I came to the realization… WE… the player - is the aetherial possessing the main character. The aetherial faked leaving the body. We are called “the taken” by others, for surviving the aetherial’s possession.

Our character is literally taken by the player! My mind is blown if this is actually official :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah. Our character is possessed by an aetherial alright, us the player. That’s like… a super cool plot twist. Unless I missed something. Thoughts?

My thoughts? Well… you missed something :wink:

Cool Idea though!

If you have the Ashes of Malmouth expansion and have

  1. destroyed the exhaust vents in The Living Factory quest and
  2. have at least Honored faction status with the Coven of Ugdenbog,

then you might consider heading back to Coven’s Refuge and talking to Seer Rugia. :wink:



Wow, I fought her so many times in Cruci (you need to focus on her there) but I didn’t know that since I haven’t done this quest :slight_smile:

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