I Just Wanted To Say Thank You To Everyone.

I just wanted to say a big thank you to both the development team, and the community. Very rarely have I truly felt part of a gaming community as I have in Grim Dawn. I’m not making builds for the forums, or doing any theorycrafting or any well known member of the community, but I feel comfortable here nonetheless.

The Developers:

Thank you for making such a great game. It has complexity but it also simple enough for newbies like me to jump in and still have fun. The atmosphere of the game is fantastic. The art and music both together just lets me get immersed. The various different builds you can do is so much fun! Not just the baseline but with conversion too, if you get the right items you can really start to experiment. And yes they won’t all be top notch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun! While no game is perfect, this game has very much become my top most played game (outside of WoW, sadly it has 14 years on you), and I still enjoy playing it!

The continued expansion and updated you are doing just reignite my love and enjoyment of this game. Whenever I hear you have something new on the way I get more excited for it than I have for any other game in years. It is wonderful what you are doing and how you communicate with the community. If I could give you more money than I have already I would. I cannot wait for your next expansion or any future additions to the game you add.

The Community:

Thank you for being so helpful when I ask newbie questions on the Discord or forums (mostly on the discord). You take the time to explain things to me when I don’t understand, or show me places I can find the information I’m looking for. With my various mental health disabilities and problems, including ym damaged short term memory, games with theorycrafting I find hard to get into. Thanks to the wonderful tools the community has made (shout out to Dammit for the tools he’s made, I use all of them) and knowing if I’m still stuck, somebody on discord will help me, I have gotten more out of the game than any other I have played. I have hit level 92 with a character build I made and designed myself. A friendly player on the discord gave me some basic legendary pieces I’d need to get the build going (was a conversion based build) after I shared my idea. I don’t normally take handouts but they wanted to see how the build would play too. It is the most fun I’ve had and I am so grateful to that person for helping me. Before this build I has never reached so far and now I am so close to capping, and I even finished the original story on ultimate for the first time too. Playing a build I designed myself, while it is far from the level of quality a good theorycrafter would make, has really opened the game up for me more. I was so nervous before and just used builds others had posted, but you guys have been so helpful I think from now on I’ll only going to play builds I’ve made, even if they aren’t that good. Slowly I’m learning that playing the “best” or most efficient build isn’t how it HAS to be done.

While I play solo the community of any game is a big part of what it makes it enjoyable to play. You are all wonderful <3

I hope everyone continues to enjoy their time here and I hope to see some of you in Cairn!

Happy hunting!

  • Merixa/Jani

Sorry that you have short term memory disabilities, if you want to know something about pet builds, just pm me, I’ll try my best to explain, though I’m a little busy recently.

I really really like the game too, so big shout out to the devs on launching and polishing such an amazing game, though @Zantai plz don’t nerf pet builds anymore.(Just weaken crucible pet buffs so pet builds will look normal again…)

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and that the discord community (never used as it’s a bit too social for me to cope with) is so helpful, and as a fellow mental health suffer you have my deepest sympathies and enjoy the days / times that you can as best as you can.

All the very best :smiley:

I’d love to know more about pet builds. I still wouldikr to make my own rather than follow somebody else’s but I would love to know some information so I can build my own. I don’t really do crucible though, not my style, so I don’t try and make builds for that.

If you are busy though do not feel rushed to get back to me. I hope you get done what you need to. You can always enjoy some mosnter hunting after!

Feel free to ask!! Always make your own build and take advice only for reference.

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.”—Steve