I love this game

I just bought GD a few weeks back but with finals in full swing I had barely a minute to play. Now I have a 63 Sab and am loving this game.

I am currently clearing out the Elite difficulty and could not be more happy with the money and time spent on this game. I am looking forward to read this forum and interact with some of the other players.


Money well spent.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome! I’m glad that you’re having a blast with the game as well. :slight_smile:

Good to see a new player joined. Just be wary of having too much fun and allowing days to go by without anything accomplished in real life lol. Good luck to you.

“wasting time, lord. Wasting time. No ambitions but to waste some more”

Hello Aorta,

and welcome to the forums and grim dawn

good to hear that you enjoy the game! :smiley:

Welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy Grim Dawn for as many hours as some of the people here…

…it’s too many.

Started Playing a month back and haven’t put it down yet. So many hours of my life used … So many more to go

Started playing today, already love it :wink:

I just started as well and it’s awesome

Welcome :smiley:

Staying up into the early hours of the morning whilst playing GD is what it’s all about.

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