i need help with caster Demolicionist bulid

i would like to play a caster Demolicionist. im noob in this game so i need your help. what spell or spells should I max, which should use as my main dmg source (stun jacks or motar?) how many spityt points should i take.devotion bulid? items?

Better stay away from mortar for now. Stun jacks can be very strong with a certain legendary set, maybe they aren’t best for a starter too.

Simplest demolitionist caster would use blackwater cocktail (bwc). Either non-transmuted with devotion procs, or transmuted to focus on burning DOT. Simplest class to pair it with is arcanist for sorcerer, though purifier can work too.



Leveling it is as simple as maxing bwc, taking transmuter and then heading for agonizing flames as fast as you can. It can become your main attack at around level 10 and will carry you through all difficulties. You will need to pick up items that add skill pts to bwc which are plentiful. Add greater fireblast from flintcore bolts in normal if you want, and the buff from enchanted flint.

Actually Mortar trap gets pretty awesome once you reach rank 17 or/and get a terronax tome. Decent aoe and high single target (for a trap) and once you get ‘the big one’ one of the largest area aoes in the game.