I think it's time to change Shar'zul worldeater's base damage from physical to fire

Pretty sure everyone knows what weapon I’m talking about


Looking at every 2h legendary and MI mace in the game, and even on other 2h weapon types. It looks like Shar’zul got forgotten with the global change in weapon damage types. This contributes a bit on how underwhelming fire forcewave is due to all other weapon damage skills and procs outside forcewave not having full conversion. The problem is even larger on non forcewave specs.

Commando needs this imo.


+1 from me. Commando in general and this weapon in particular deserve some more love.
(especially when looking at Soulrend that has 100% cold base etc).

+1 too. This weapon too should be changed to full fire damage for Elementalist.

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Just make sure the weapon keep`s conversion.

This. If it loses the conversion for the base damage to be fire (several items in the past have lost conversion when the base damage became something else than physical), that’s actually a big nerf.

Yeah. That’s what it needs. I’d remove the conversion if and only if it gets arcblade levels of cdr :rofl:

Remove conversion and then remove %CDR from arcblade you say ? peka

BTW i remember times when a lot of ppl joked about buffing forcewave and justicar. Where are these jokes now ? =)

Soulrend, e.g., didn’t lose it, though the conversion there is redundant now. But in Soulrend’s case I can imagine another conversion, here … no.
But still, I agree with the OP.

this too. the conversion can be changed to 100%lightning->fire.

That’s good idea, but I agree the conversion is much needed. Actually way more than Soulrend. For instance meteors deals partially physical damage.


When an item’s base damage is changed from physical, it’s almost always accompanied by a base damage nerf. This is not worth it for sharzul, since it can already fully convert its base damage on blitz and forcewave. As Nery mentioned, the phys conversion on the weapon also helps meteor storm and any other meteor proc you might have (annihilation relic)

So the pros of changing the base damage would be:

  • higher fire damage on weapon damage based procs

And the cons would be:
-less total base damage
-less forcewave damage
-less Blitz damage
-less damage from all procs with base phys damage


BTW i think Zully mace is as good as one can dream for. I’d rather not touch it at all and revert Forcewave nerfs instead.

2x +1 :slight_smile:

I’d wait for other changes to FW maybe and leave the weapon alone

And Demo changes if needed in General

Yes, for example return flat armor on temper that nerfed Commando quite a bit . >_<

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Technically true but non fire damage doesn’t really matter unless somehow you’re trying to make a fringe dual damage type build. Total fire (and burn) damage will still be higher.

That’s the one con that matters, but it all depends on how much the base damage will be adjusted.

Blitz needs to be an actual damage skill first.

It should be noted that I think the conversion should stay (didn’t have it in the OP but later replies say it).

You can look through grimtools changelogs to get an idea of exactly how much.

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