I want a real Expansion on Grim Dawn

well ok i do not want to waste anyones time BUT

Grim dawn took me about 1200 hours now … ( maybe d2 too )

i have something big to say and i hope even one Developer reads This post .

I want to meet the AETHER boss in an Expansion think about it … the story lets us kill the demon Chton letting out anything on WHO is the Ruler of the AETHER

WHAT ??? :furious:

i really want to find any hidden portal which leads me into the real Conflagration putting up a story how to become Resistant to Aether Crystals ??? ( like in Metroid if you know this game on game Cube ) first starting out getting smashed with an Endding most Epic … letting look Diablo like a pre trilogy of Grim Dawn …

THATS WHAT I WANT AS A PLAYER !!! who votes for this post pls comment ! Expansion 2 could be named : Source of Aether ! ( maybe Mogdrogen has the KEY and will not easy give it to anyone i do NOT know what happened in the past but i know Killing all Bosses exept the Source of Aetherials does not Satisfy Myself ) Maybe Aether is Mana too since it shares same Color ingame but i Want something SPECIAL !!! there must be a way to do this …

Bazzok Elven Tank of the Immortal Elders Legion

P.S. 2 more sets for each Charackter style whould End Grim Dawn 1 like never before ( including 1-2 Random Rolls on ANY STAT )