I would love some caster gear with a physical damage theme

The expansion brought a few new sets dedicated to physical battlemages, which are great (if only I could find them, damn you rngesus). But they’re all heavy armor without the energy regen and/or cast speed required to use some of the more exotic physical caster builds. And those ones are the ones I like best of course.

So perhaps there could be a few epics or legendaries with this theme? Doesn’t have to be a set either, just a few scattered epics will work great for me. I’m just tired and bored with crafting tons of caster armors hoping for a rampage of heroism. They’re not exactly common as drops either.

While working through Malmouth today I thought of another solution: add a few MI items with relevant base stats. Expansion gave us all sorts of MI with exotic skill modifiers, it would fit well in my opinion.