[idea] Add flat energy regeneration to Vigor

Despite being largely a support mastery, I understand that Inquisitor shouldn’t necessarily be able to solve every gap in other masteries, which would be the major counterpoint to this idea. Regardless, my main arguments in favour would be:

-Purifier in my personal experience have major energy problems because of many toggles and inadequate sources of flat regen, leading to very, very low net flat regen left over to multiply. Even with the desperation of scythe, lotus, 2x ectoplasm, spirit investment, I have had bad regen because of the lack of flat regen. Fire strike with arcane spark is like the one cushy exception. Edit: I have just realised much of this point works under the assumption that energy costs are deducted from flat before % adjustments, which may not be the case. Easy to test anyway, but am at work. Could somebody weigh in? Regardless, the flat is still the issue because piling on % modifiers had very poor returns in my fiddling around.

-Mage hunter already has infinite energy and you are probably putting points into conversion for CC resists instead, so vigor is only really attractive for the flat hp anyway. Ergo my reasoning is that buffing it in such a way will not destabilise mage hunter.

-as it stands, flat hp and two of the less important cc resists almost never warrant heavy investment from me unless I am swimming in points, and even then it’s yuck.

-FoI is too costly and despite suggestions has not really been addressed (better wd for slightly better arcane spark is not enough). This would indirectly aid that as well.

Yea or nay?


FoI is worst possible case, since it have massive energy consumption, without any skills to help with that. Other casters will benefit too. Also Vigor skill is often neglected…

Argument against your proposal will be to not turn Inquisitor in too much good mastery again.


Inquis already has too much as a support mastery. If there are individual problem cases better to address them with adjustments to individual skills or items that are lacking energy/s

Would this kind of change make any existing class combinations overpowered? Would it displace other support picks for inquisitor? It’s all well and good to say that the mastery has a lot or even too much, but what about the actual effect of the change? The node is pretty bad and many inquisitor builds that are non-offhand/non-caster armour /non-mage hunter have extreme flat energy troubles. Like not “you’re not a caster so you should have to commit some resources to energy”, more like “I committed multiple devotions and components to energy and have 8/sec” . At that point it doesn’t even matter what skills you’re using anyway.

Maybe reducing energy upkeep on some toggled skills could be a change with similar effect but less power conferred to inquisitor specifically.

In the first post you address Purifier having energy issues and highlight that Magehunter lacks energy issues by virtue of the Arcanist side’s support. If we go down the full list of inquis combos how many of them are coming up short on energy? With demo’s collection of flash bang, mines, bwc, flame touched and whatever other abilities you’ve tacked on is it inaccurate to state that demo is the source of the heavy energy demands and it is only glaring in cases where you don’t have OK’s PoV or arcanist’s sea of energy?

Purifier is probably the worst, yes, but apostate is pretty close behind in my experience. Deceiver is passable but only because most of the few builds would use caster gear, so I guess that’s fine anyway.

But yeah, you have a point. Maybe demo is a better starting point given how saturated inquisitor is. I’d be cool with that!

Adding some X Energy Leech over Y Seconds to Ulzuin’s Wrath could be one improvement.

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