[Idea] Ascension

Many players may know the paragon system from Diablo 3 which allows you to keep leveling after reaching the cap. I want to make a mod which works the same way:

Once the player hits level 85 you earn exp for ascension. Every level you can pick a stat boost from 3 categories. I imagine the categories based on the 3 witch gods. Potential stats could be health, energy, attack speed, crit chance, crit damage, resistance, iron gain, movement speed and the like (not set on it yet).

I am a designer, so making a good interface should not be too difficult. But my programming skills are a bit limited so i could use some help.

Would be the community interested in such a mod? Also i’m open for suggestions of the bonus stats - i don’t want this mod to be overpowered.

go to warebare DGA mod and contribute to that i think that would be a great way beacuse hes doing exactly this :smiley:


Also check out the Omega mod, it adds a Paragon level type system to the game.

I made a similar post in april :wink:

Here’s what I said:

In one thread I’ve seen a guy posting of some ascendant system but I felt like it wasn’t for Grim Dawn. Here’s my own view of a system called the Ascendant system which would allow you to lvl up past the lvl cap but wouldn’t be infinite since thre’s no infinite scaling in GD. Something like 50-100 lvl seems interesting.

The Ascendant system would give access to a new feature/UI window. The stats wouldn’t be crazy, but significant enough for you to play more with your build. For exemple a stat could be having 500-1k life once maxed. Or maybe 5% total speed once maxed… etc.

They could even add temporary buff to it. Something like 3 different categories (or more) buff that last x second with x sec cooldown. You could only chose one! One for pure speed (berserk mod), one for pure damage (good for cooldown builds) and one more defensive (dodge or reducing damage…something defensive you know!). The berserk mod for exemple could go over the max value/cap for both run speed and casting/attack speed.

The game involve gods, maybe the ascendant system could be the idea of ascending to be one --> without being unkillable of course!

I don’t think you can make an additional skill system, you’d have to rework devotions to suit your purpose…somehow. Devotions are already considered almost like a third mastery, and that is hardcoded afaik, so you could not add a fourth for what you’re planning.

Thanks for the feedback. Will look into the suggested mods. Most do much more than what i want and the goal of this mod is to leave every other aspects of the game untouched.

Could you elaborate on that? It’s possible to create objects and store data in it, also there is lua scripting. Won’t touch core mechanics for this.

most of these projects never happen since you cant create a GUI, at least I havnt seen anything regarding new UI elements. Sure you can resize existing elements and move buttons around and maybe restructure the entire GUI, but nothing new without the template and code for it and the modding tools are not capable of doing that.

So if you still want to do it you need to start thinking about quests, token, items, blueprints to do this. Obviously there is nothing you can use xp for to level up… so there is the next issue :smiley: track kills, give something for every kill - right now I believe items are the best solution for that.

I havnt looked at devotions at all, so I cant say anything regarding those.

This is a bummer and limits modding a whole lot.

Another idea would be to make a new faction. Reputation would be the exp bar then. Every time its reached you can then get an item from an npc and the bar resets. Not the most comfortable way, though.

hmm I like that idea, I might actually “steal” that :stuck_out_tongue:

For a standalone “Paragon” system this is still somewhat bad in a way, if everyone is doing it those faction slots we currently have availalbe will be used up in a day… the whole mastery limit issue all over again just with factions.
But to go one step further, maybe reseting/removing reputation from an existing faction for a buff/skill points or whatever could be something. Sacrificing Nemesis spawns/Bounty/Merchants and having to get that rep back, but in return making the character stronger and having to grind that rep again could be a nice feature.

But factions only concern some monsters, not all monsters depending on their race.And I don’t think one monster can have more than one faction?
So if you do this players will not gain reputation from every kill, or you would need to change all monsters to the same faction which is bad for the main game in a lot of ways.

A ‘paragon’ type system is one of the first mods I wanted for this game.

I had multiple Paragon 100’s in D3 when MF/GF was all you got and it was a fine motivation to keep playing

Then D3 ruined the game with their Paragon system and no cap and became basically retarded - I quit D3 because of their Paragon system and Leaderboard shit

I believe if you do this system somehow need to implement a ‘magic find’ system so the reward is finding gear more often, of course it could also be ‘free stat points or skill points’ but I think you can just spam the Survival mode to get them and you can also just get free Devotion points.

Maybe each ‘Ascension’ you get increases your maximum Devotion cap by +1 as I think it caps at 59 atm so the reward is being able to have more Devotions than the average character instead of just capping them out fast, because anyone can spam Survival for 59 points and even get them in a few hours but getting +1 devotions incrementally feels still like progressing.

Well, for me to keep having an exp bar is the main selling point for such a mod. (carrot on a stick motivation) But as others pointed out it doesn’t seem possible to create this, just with suboptimal workarounds.