[Idea] Bloodrager could use it's Physical damage % reverted to its old value and this is why

So everybody knows how overpowered Bleeding meta has become with rejuvinated Bloodrager set. It lead to numerous Bleeding items nerfs and the set nerf too. Most of it was deserved, although a bit crude (for example, consecutive nerfs to Bloodsong made it like a fourth best option for Bleeding Trickster, sword is almost trash now).

However, I want to advocate for % Physical values of the set brought back. Reason is simple - it’s the only crutch that physical 2-handed builds have. And right now there are just two in build compendium: mine Blade Arc’s Witchblade and @John_Smith 's Savagery Archon. Both are solid 7 minute Crucible builds, moderately consistent. Both rely on Bloodrager set, well, because there are no other sets for physical two-handers. And Avenger is still pretty bad.

So giving back that 100-150% of Physical seems fair. It won’t affect Bleeding Bloodragers at all, but will certainly help struggling two-handers.

Love two builds you mentioned. Both look reasonably powerful, not OP.
So I vote for reverse

You know best that Bleeding was strong before…the set gave us a lot on the defensive side. Bloodsong was nerfed really ofen, still good for Trickster because of Skill Points.

I won´t mind more Physical Values but keep in mind that the new meta (Bloodrager Warder form Shoot) will get even stronger.

Not true, it’s the same Bleeding build as Bloodrager Trickster. It doesn’t benefit from %Physical almost at all. You still have to kite quite a bit, I have played it (was testing it for @Shoot2033).

And by the way, unfortunately dual Bloodsongs are no good anymore. Yes, loss of Nightblade’s points is annoying, but if you want max damage and survivability you have to use Butcher + Crimson Wakes axe.

Sure it would.

The difference to the Trickster is Revenant´s RR which affects Physical, too. Physical Damage is not converted and the Warder already has no little amount of flat physical damage with more than decent ADctH.

Butcher got nerfed pretty hard and I fear Scion will be next, while I hope, that Zantai restructures Scion completely if Bleeding Oathkeeper should ever be something worth playing (EoR + Bleeding: No, doesn´t fit, did try it whole campaign).

Here is that Warder (final spec does not have Forcewave). That flat physical is almost nothing. Definitely not enough to do any meaningful damage. Just a bit of sustain. And I have played with it, direct damage is unnoticable, and sustain is not enough anyway and you have to kite quite a bit. Even if you add Assassin’s mark here - it won’t help.

That is a lot more sustain a Trickster gains with Pierce, even with Living Shadows.

I have open his “old” specc (no green, more Vines) and 8.000 flat with then nearly 2.000 % value as secondary damage. Sounds quite good to me.

What’s so powerful in bloodrager is its bleed. So I support this suggestion. This physical damage is more like for covering its defense.

BTW, crate should honestly make bleeding available outside of bloodrager. All of the bleeding itemizations and skills are all “balanced” in respect to this set.

Yep. This is one thing which makes Bleeding nerfs so annoying because you can´t try something different because there isn´t something different. I haven´t changed an item since mid-AoM.

And to just make this clear:
Give Bloodrager as much Physical Damage as everyone wants. I don´t care. But if there are nerfs (again…and again) on the Bleeding part because the build gets too strong…then I do care.

Big -1 to this idea
@mad_lee you know why, and I don’t want to repeat my arguments once again