[Idea] Can Celestial Waystone still have option to start from Shard 65 after you reached 70 and 75


So little feedback from Shattered Realm. Idea with Waystones being upgraded is pretty awesome. Except if you manage to reach Shard 75 Celestial Waystone automatically opens Shard 75 now.

Can we still have dialogue options for 65 an 70? 75 is more of a epeen achievemnt for 95% of the builds rather than a farming ground. Not being able to farm 65-66 anymore straight away just because you have reached 75 once is a bummer.

Same goes for other keys upgrades. Leave initial shard levels as dialogue options.

It’s pretty obvious that choice should be given to players.
My char reaches 80 shard and I can’t say farming 75-76 is “comfortable” for it.

+1 good idea


As it is, I’m actively avoiding pushing to 75 on some of my characters because I know that once I do, I’ll be “trapped” there. What if I manage to push to 75 and find out that it’s actually uncomfortably difficult in comparison to 65? I quite enjoy the difficulty presented by 65-66 runs, and knowing that I’ll literally never be able to do them again on this character if I dare to push my limits just seems…completely at odds with what the mode should be about. I should want to test my limits, not be “scared” of it.

…unless, of course, anybody can confirm that the difficulty of 65 is pretty much equal to 75. Doesn’t sound like it, though.

You can always back up your save if you are scared.

I think it’s just a design oversight. +1

I understand this would require more tech but it would be quite a nice feature. Some of my characters have to avoid seeing how far they can push because I know they will have a better time farming 65-66 than 75-76.

Sounds reasonable and looks like QoL feature. Would be great if developers implement it.

So consider just how many dialogue options that poor UI would have if you could have access to EVERY checkpoint.

I could do 65 and 70 I guess, if people specifically want those. It would just be inconsistent.

We would be ok with that little “inconsistency”, please do add those!


75 is nothing like 65 especially for non tank characters. The difference between boss rooms feels like difference between Elite and Ultimate. There are certain boss combinations/maps that you just have to reset with most chars because there’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do there.

Maybe 2 steps in dialog: first choose stone and second choose shard? Easy access to all waypoints.

Difficulty betwen 65 and 75 shard very large and select to started shard (65/70/75 etc) necessery

It will involve an extra click, but you’ll be able to choose the Shortcut of your choice with each Waystone in the next hotfix.

Inb4 everyone hates it and changes their mind afterward. :eek:

Well I’ll love it. Thanks Z

Awesome change, thanks a lot!

Awesome. :smiley: Thanks Z.

May the Lord open!