[Idea] Can Collossal Grasp get Casting Speed as a shield bonus too?

Great pair of defensive gloves, usually used on Physical casters like Octavius. Honestly attack speed bonus there is rarely used (but it’s still good to have it). But what those gloves are really missing is a Casting speed bonus. Even shielded auto-attacking Soldiers need casting speed for stuff like War Cry. And Octavius crowd definitely needs it a lot since they have a pretty heavy rotation of cooldown nukes and pretty low innate casting speed (especially on Paladins).

My suggestion: give gloves 10-15% casting speed as a shield bonus (so Sorcs won’t exploit those gloves for Blast Shield mod too much).


Hell yes, +1000000 please. Right now we have only Grasp of Unchained Might with cast speed for physical builds.
Edit: the general problem of all phys and pierce casters is a lack of cast speed on the dedicated items


I’ve been trying this setup - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/DV9LMLv2. (UPD: I’ve forgotten to put remains, so it’s actually 140%)
And having 140% CS with such amount of different skills and attacks is just…
very inconvenient.


Actually my Markovian Warlord needs the attack speed boost, since the set is poor on physical resistance and also Overguard bonus is nice.

But I agree with your proposal. Octavius build can use more cast speed and also you need it if you want to do Decree of Circle of five build or use other spamming skill.

One more reply for you!

sorry, just woke up and i felt like doing things

It doesn’t make sense thematically for these big spikey metal gauntlets to make you cast spells faster, so it’s a -1 for me.

So what about other heavy gaunlets that happen to have casting speed? Remove it from there as well? We can’t halfass thematical argument, can we now?

Not that I agree or disagree with your proposal but just throwing out: every set of Legendary Heavy gloves that features casting speed with the exception of Grasp of Unchained Might also supports a skill that benefits from casting speed in some way (e.g. Stun Jacks, Flames of Ignaffar). Even if it’s only for animation speed in the case of skills like Grenado.

Take that as you will.


Here you go d00d, +1 from me

In the meantime find my SBoE and Targo threads and, even if you disagree, give your opinion!!

I think 10-15% CS is in abuse territory. So much physique, DA and phys res is unusual for gloves and benefits any caster. 6-10% to both AS and CS would be more fair.

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I would lean more towards this option, but as said above the gloves don’t support any skill that would benefit from cast speed.

So let’s call it a +1 from me


Doesn’t Aegis of Menhir, War Cry, Forcewave - the skills that are basically the backbone of an Octavius build (that obviously uses those gloves) all require cast speed tho? Also those skills support only passive skills (and Safeguard) so with that logic attack speed doesn’t make sense there either.

10% max and only if these gloves can support actual skill, which benefits from CS.



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