Idea: Celestial engraved

I don’t like so much being “forced” to use some skill just to provide huge resistance reduction to get the max of some build or char, so I was thinking of something to “fix” some hated skills on Grim Dawn, Like Blade Trap, Thermite Mine, Devouring Swarm… etc

By doing some special quest in the endgame, u could attach a skill debuff to another skill, like devouring swarm debuff to Blade arc, or half of it’s benefits, maybe.

Of course, just one per char or it would be so much OP and some skills would never be used.

All this 3 skills don’t need to be fixed

Sure. :eek:

Blade Trap needs to be fixed, it’s the worst skill in the game at the moment

He is right, Thermite Mines and Devouring Swarm are end game skills.

Yes, they are… but I’m not talking about it’s power, but the clunkiness of it’s usage

Thermite mines are horrible to castm take too long to activate, spread on the floor like they are not supposed to.
And I don’t wanna use a fucking swarm when I’m slashing down mobs on a Blade arc savagery build just cause it´s mandaroty for the % bleeding reduction.

Well it’s a playstyle, it needs some getting used to

CoF is still the best RR source imo due to convenience. The rest need practice

Not a bad idea to be able to bound a skill to another skill. You can bound a celestial power to a skill anyway. You have only so much active skills, if you opt to bound a skill to say CoF instead of a celestial power, you still have one less active skill to bound others too. So at the end it might not make you overpowered because the limit on how many you would use and then lose out on using a celestial power would cancel out. It would contribute to some even more diverse / unique builds. There obviously would be a similar restrictions on what can be bound to what i.e. active vs passives