Idea- Defiler 5 pieces Vitality decay set.

Subj. Curently Defiler is the worst class in the game with zero synergy, no gear suppor, no cross class dmg, nothing at all. And vitality decay is aslo the worst dmg type in the game. Solution? Lets fix two problems with one set!
Crimson life-drinker. Deoxygenated blood color-theme BWC, vendigo-red spirit and bloody shower!
5 crimson pieces concentrated around BWC, Siphon souls and Defiler in general.
Chest, Gloves, pants, boots and main hand . Caster-armor type. Mace weapon type,

  1. Chest
    800 HP,
    90%Vitality 90%vitality decay with 50% duration
    50 DA
    30% Vitality resistance, 30% chaos resistance.
    100% fire on BWC converted to Vitality, recolour BWC.
    +3 BWC +3Blood boil
  2. Gloves
    90%vitality 90%vitality decay with 50% duration
    30% Elemental Res, 30% Poison and acid resistance
    +3BWC +3Spectral binding 100% of aether dmg on spectral binding converted to vitality, color spectre in Vendigo
    400 HP
    90%Vitality 90%vitality decay
    40% Vitality resistance 40%pierce resistance
    +3Spectral wrath +3 Blood boil.
    4)boots - visual effect like wraithwalkers but with crimsone theme.
    90%vitality 90%vitality decay with 50% duration
    +3 Spectral wrath +3 Blast shield
    +6%move speed
    +4%phyz resist
    +30%aether resist
    5)Main hand. Bloody torch! Mace:
    50%chaos converted to Vitality
    +1Necro+1Demo +2blood boil
    200% vitality 200%vitality devay with 150% increased duration
    +100 OA
    +75 vitality decay to BWC +1 sec duration to BWC .
    Should burn with dark red flame-effect.
    Set bonuses:
    2)+120 Vitality/Decay +50% duration
    3)+3Spectral binding +3Blast shield
    5)Draining rain proc: Massive Vitality/Vitality decay bloody-rain effect that drain life of foes and transfer it to caster. 10 metre AoE centered around caster.

Outside Aether DW Melee, I don’t see defiler being good for anything. Problem is that for DW Aether Melee we also have DK which is superior so this means defiler sucks for even this purpose

The weirdest defiler item atm is Blazeheart imo. What is that sword supposed to help me with anyway?