Idea/Feedback in regards of component filter


I’d like to propose that you add a “rare component” filter option to the item-filter in-game! I’m at a point where I don’t want to pick up more standard components, only rare ones but there doesn’t seem to be an option for this.

Also apologies if this has already been suggested, I couldn’t find anything about it with the search-function.

Have a nice day

Are there rare ones or are they rare because they just don’t drop very often? Many of the components are craftable only.

I mean the rare ones that drop, like Ancient armor plate that has a different colour! Would be nice to be able to filter out scavenged plating, searing ember etcetera and only get these rare ones.

Unless I’m mistaken the game filters out all components right now with the current filtering, even Kilrian’s soul and the like.

Why would you not want to pick up some components, I wonder? :thinking:

If you have like 2k of every component, it’s quite stupid to pick up more and then use another stash tab for components.

Like USER_NAME_01 wrote, I have tons of normal components stacked in my shared stash already.

And anyone who has ever tried playing the game with increased spawns probably knows how annoying it can be at that point when there’s around 10-15 normal components lying around after a battle with a big npc mob.

OK, i get your point. I am far from that amount of stuff :sweat_smile:

I thought, if it’s just too annoying to pick up all the stuff, just use Grim Internals for autopickup, but you probably know abut this :wink:

I sometimes had a similar problem, when I decided to only collect green items for selling. I dont want the greens to show in a fight, as it gets a bit confusing because all the text makes it hard to see the mobs. But if I press the loot-button after the fight, the game shows me the greens and the yellows and I have to search maually for what I want to pick up, instead of just standing in the loot pile and mashing my pick-up button…

I think what would solve this Problem would be some kind of “multistage” loot filter, like Titan Quest had it. IIRC there was a loot-button, that showed all loot below a certain, toggleable rarity threshold, but didn’t show the white items.
And then there was a button that showed everything.

Something like this would come in handy here too. That way you could set 3 loot “ranges” instead of the two we have now, and actually decide what specific loot shows always, or on pressing the loot button(s).

We already had that with the game, it’s been there since development started since it uses the TQ engine. Not sure if you can still use those now with the new filter though, but Alt showed everything, X filtered out whites and Z showed broken items as well as everything else.

What the new filter needs is the ability to turn off seeing loot altogether so you can switch it off during fights where a lot of loot can drop. We had that with the old filter, but not with this one. Only way to do it is to untick every box and then tick them again when you’ve finished, very time consuming and annoying.

The issue isn’t autopickup, but rather being able to avoid components like Scavenged Plating when you already have hundreds of them and they have no real usage any more. Unless of course some usage is added in future content.

Honestly I wish components were separated into more than just two categories, this would also benefit component filtering a lot more and make more sense in that regard.
Compare for example a Star Ruby to a Scavenged Plating, they’re not in the same league at all, but yet belong to the same rarity-tier. Another example is Ancient Armored Plating and one of the end-game seals who also apparently belong to the same rarity tier.

Now imagine Crate reworking the components into three or four categories/tiers.

The first tier would be the weakest stuff, then followed by middle tier components and finally the best stuff in the last tier. Crate would obviously also add the craftable components to this new tier system.

I didn’t think about this until I read Medea’s first reply, but the current system is kind of messy. And not just from a filtering point of view.
As an example right now Vengeful Wraith is a fairly rare component drop, but it’s in the same category as Cracked Lodestone. If you’d want a proper filtering system to work for components, you’d have to separate them into different categories first.

Your’re totally right, I looked it up and the game in fact still has the 2nd loot button. It’s Alt for “show all” and Space for “filter common”.
The fact that I didn’t notice it before somehow shows how useful it is right now… I mean who ever wants to pick up common items after the first hour of gameplay? (Do commons even drop after a certain point in the game?)

If we could decide what loot is shown by each button it would add much more functionalitiy to the loot filter.

@Mood I agree, the components should seperated in the filter. And you are so right about the Vengeful Wraith thing. As it is now it should either drop more often or be a rare component.
ATM there are three raritiy categories for components, but maybe there should just be five of them, like for the other Items. From common for Scavenged Plating to legendary for the Seals.

You can also craft Vengeful Wraith, but even rarity aside it’s a lot better than Scavenged plating.

Yes, common items still show up though their drop rate might be reduced, I’m not sure on that.

And I pick up commons for a lot longer than that usually since I’m mostly self found and merchants charge outrageous prices for their stuff compared to the sell value you get. I have been known not to switch until I reach Act 2 sometimes.

OK, that is interesting. I always found some yellows pretty soon in act one, that were of some use to me. And even if they had totally contradicting stats on them I would choose them over the commons. Y’know, because they are “better”. Just me being casual :rofl:

Again, depends on what drops. Sometimes (most of the time :wink: ) RNG doesn’t like me.