[Idea] Fighting Form,Deadly Momentum

About Cadence Tree:
That skill change and type conversion increased,
The other mastery’s automatic attack is buffed more than before,
I thought about a balance that took these into account,
This is now a suggestion that this should be changed.

Fighting Form:
How about increasing the number of targets to 3 around LV8 ~ 9?
Because now the target number will not be 3 unless this is raised to LV12.
We often see cases where only 1P is added to this and left unattended.
(Especially for builds that don’t use piercing and bleeding)
It feels like giving up because the goal is too far away to use.

Deadly Momentum:
As a problem that I often feel when performing type conversion of Cadence itself,
(Because this skill is a type that gives a global buff)
There is no problem with the flat damage buff,
(Because it can be processed with global type conversion)
However, the +% damage buff is mostly wasted.
How about changing to +% total damage and adjusting that value?

Thank you for your consideration.

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My problem with Fighting form is that you usually needs to invest 8-9 points +class bonuses to reach extra target. And for most of the Cadence archetypes extra points gives you no returns.

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Yes, the current situation is that Fighting Form is not worth the point investment.

(It’s a little better for range attack builds that use piercing and bleeding.)

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