Idea for better pad controls

I play with pad in Grim Dawn a little but controls isnt satisfaing for me in current state but i have (propably) great idea how to change it.

Chapter one:

Start/Select - work fine no objections.

Right Analog/Left A. - right a. press should be changable or at least chined with opening rifts, for open one more buttons for other purposes.

3/A - All work fine .

D-pad - pick up and action should be one button

Bumpers - little one idea to change deflaut potions set up for hp to left and mana to right like bars on interface (in my opnion bit more natural)

Triggers - here a biggest change. Without pressed trigger we got first bar for skills, press left we use second bar, press right we got third bar, press both we got forth bar. ( How to go back to first bar? Just press actual bar button second time)

It change aur limit in game from eight ( nine if we dont use swap weapons)
to twenty (like mouse and keyboard) limit of quickbar slots. **(X/Y/A/B x4 + both bumpers chined for potion + two buttons from d-pad)

How to menage it ?
In menu state right trigger goes for next bar left goes to previous.

Chapter two:

Using Left analog as mouse in menu mode sucks, why not to let it to jump from icon to icon?
Like: 1 quickbar slot is marked (you press left analog to right direction) 2 quickbar slot is marked.

I hope i dont done to much grammar erros (english isnt my national language) and make some useful conclusions about game controls.