Idea: reduce the prefixes on Pestilence of Dreeg

Hi people, one of the most spectacular and interesting amulets end game is (Mythical) Pestilence of Dreeg. It’s supposed to be the seven plagues of Dreeg, but some of them don’t make sense or are too similar. So it’s tough to craft something you really need .

For example there’s prefix with -10% physical resistance. That will be good, but the amulet itself have physical to acid conversion so it’s DPS loss. On to of that it doesn’t have %physical damage unlike many other items.

There are also 3 vitality plagues in acid dominant amulet… One of them gives confusion literally.

So I think it will be good idea to reduce number of possibilities.

Also little side discussion is the resistance type the amulet gives. Since it’s tailored for Occultist builds, the acid resistance is basically useless. You have aspect of guardian on top of multiple acid items that grants the same resistance. So at the end you have 100-200% acid overcap, while you struggle to cap other resistances like pierce. So maybe split the acid to pierce and definitely it’s worth the removal of +5% acid maximum.

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But then it won’t no longer be the seven plagues of Dreeg. :stuck_out_tongue:

About the resistance, i would actually just like an extra res. Leave the poison res and 5% cap increase in it and add 20% of something like aether or pierce.

Yeah, it will be the joke:

  • Who are you?
  • We are the seven dwarfs.
  • But your are just four!
  • Don’t be so picky.

Even so most of the plagues are similar or not so good. About resistances, acid resistance makes conduit much more desirable. Little bit of pierce (weak point for Sentinel) won’t break the item.