Ideas and thoughts to improve the game

I apologize for my English (English from Google Translate)

Thanks for your game!
please do:

  1. make auto-pause after loading the game, perhaps as an option in the settings (so that you can go about your business, and not look at the screen)
  2. a compost pit can fertilize not only fields but also fruit areas

As well as possible improvements:
3) Walls and gates :
- The third level of walls - stone-iron walls.
- improvement of walls by analogy with roads. wooden walls → stone walls → stone-iron walls.
- a special building - a wall in the water - is built on the cell closest to the water where construction is available and overlaps an additional cell or two in the water.
4) new buildings and resources:
- Church and chapels (but I think this has already been written many times :wink: )
- bridges of two types - wooden with a maximum of 7 cells and stone with a maximum of 15 cells
- tavern upgrade - large tavern. new resources - grapes (or old ones - fruits) and wine. new building - winery (or new production in the brewery). wine can only be served in a tavern of the second level
- new types of animals - rabbits (the main products are skins), pigs (the main products are meat), chicken (meat and eggs)
- new products in the cheese factory - butter. or new building - creamery
- new products in the bakery - buns (flour + eggs), pretzels (flour + butter)
- new building - fish farm, allows you to grow fish, replacement for anglers in the later stages of the game
- new resource - broken glassware. produced in compost pits and accounts for 50% of the used glassware. can be smelted in the glass workshop
- new building - crematorium

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Wine would be a luxury item, so Tier 4, wineries and vineyards, purchased from Market Gardens and only via Large Houses, and taxable.

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