Ideas for a sequel, or a prequel, or ... whatever!

Hi guys,
i’m a fan of GD and during this years i really appreciate your work.
Arpgs are my favourite genre and in GD i’ve seen the light after the great delusion of other franchises (diablo over all).
During game sessions I’ve been thinking about some features that should be great in your next game:

  • open world structure: the player can roam through the realm and visit areas with high level creatures (with all the consequences) ignoring the main questline (just like sacred or skyrim). obvious this feature can be enhanced by introducing random “premium” encounters or special events.

  • weapon system revised: it would be great to implement a weapon skill system based both on weapon usage and on magic weapons special skills. for example: a simple axe can be mastered before a certain time of use (like Dungeon Siege) but reaching a level of mastery will unlock a special feature (a special blow for example). every weapon should have a dedicated animation (especially the magic/legendary ones) that affects gameplay and classes should incentivate use of certain weapons over others with particular abilities/animations. a dual use for weapons should be implemented too. for example (and putting all toghether) i have a mage with a magic wand that can launch ranged spells and with a special ability of my class can also used as melee weapon (by morphing into a sword) or i’m a fighter that uses two shields (one for arm) for protection but the ability of my class let me use this shields as throwing weapons and the mastery using those weapons unlocks a special move during intense situations (like a spiked defense)

  • action and feel more fluid: GD animations are better now than in first releases of the game but are still too “old school” for the actual games (i like it, by the way :p). it will be great if the animations could transmit the power, or the speed of the fight: the mighty blow of a two handed hammer upon an enemy or the fluid cut of a sword though the flesh of a demon should be better made. when i think about this i figure something like gauntlet (the new one).

i hope you appreciate these suggestions and i hope also you will develop a sequel: with or without them it will worth to be played.

Grim Dawn 2 confirmed for 2018-19