Ideas for strong caster

I finished dualwielding pierce based nightblade/ soldier and she is a real monster :smiley:

now for a chnage I would like to try a caster. I guess weapon based spells will be better in the long run, right?

can you suggest something? No malee, just spells.


Problem is the next patch has some heavy nerfs and it already suffers from energy management

If you want then make a Pierce Forcewave Caster, but unfortunately it requires a good rolled 2h green sword.

Druid with TSS, OFF, Wind Devil + Blizzard and Reckless Tempest.

Sky Shard Druid
Callidor Tempest Sorcerer
Pblades Breaker or Witch Hunter
BWC Sorcerer or Pyromancer
Vitality Conjurer
Poison Witch Hunter

I think those are all playable (strong or strongish)/enjoyable

My top 3 would be poison hunter, bwc sorc, and tss druid

Thanks guys!

I am not using the latest patches. I installed the game 6 months back from gog and has not applied any patches yet.

Totally forgot quick jacks elementalist! Suuuuper tanky and very high damage output


Which build is the least item dependant?

Many of these need full sets. Except vitality and poison builds maybe. Callidor can do it with more common items. Also you will not be impressed with bwc or stun jacks in a 6 month old game.

Casters gain their damage from ultimate level skills which is why they almost always need good items in excess in GD to get anywhere.

this makes zero sense as BWC and Stun Jacks are 2 of the strongest skills in the game. Both can be leveled from beginning of game all the way through farming best in slot gear.

That since when? I know from patch notes both were buffed during my absense and then the sets were made for them.

gunning for a tss build for my next toon, torn between druid or SB. Any advise pros and con for those who have tried?

Druid is short on debuffs and it will only be aggravated by 1.008 balancing. It makes dealing with undead more difficult as they resist cold. I don’t know how spellbreaker plays but there is not much difference between them from the first look other than night’s chill.

And that TSS build is the one that absolutely needs set and a few more legendaries since it gains most of its damage from procs.

So do you guys suggest I install all patches and hotfixes for the game from GOG?

PATCH HOTFIX 1 (GOG-16) -> (GOG-17) 112 MB
PATCH (GOG-17)-> (GOG-18) 62 MB HOTFIX (GOG-18)-> (GOG-19) 5 MB HOTFIX 2 (GOG-19)-> (GOG-20) 9 MB

I have only GRIM DAWN installed.

Well, a slight change of heart maybe :wink:

I just checked out the fire strike line and primal strike…I think I will roll a ranged toon, not a full caster but not a malee neither :slight_smile:

Could you please suggest second mastery and weapon for a ranged Primal Striker? I want to use 2H gun as pistols, well…I do not find them appealing.

I guess PS will work better as it is weapon based.

I am really hellbent now on 2h range build :slight_smile:


With 2-handel ranged primal strike, I would consider Vortex of Souls. A very fun weapon! Each shot will penetrate and trigger lightning. Makes for a fun show :blush: There is also some aether damage.

Does Thunderous Strike greatly reduce PS damage?

And if I can get some increased attack speed will it reduce the 3 seconds cooldown for PS?