Ideas for the Future

Well Crate. Excelsior! That’s all i can say about the expansion.

But here are a few ideas for the future (expansions :D).


The faction interface could use some love.
With the new factions it looks rather cluttered now.
It might be an idea to separate the factions into several tabs
(Allies, mortal foes, monsters, the beyond?).
Turn it into some kind of encyclopedia with detailed information about each faction/foe. One could even leave bits out. Things to be sought after through killing and exploring.
It might be wasted on an ARPG but you guys/gals did an amazing job on the
world-building, that alot of us would love to see it expanded.

Crafting and ‘‘Your own Devil’s crossing’’

Devil’s Crossing. I just love it. The way it evolves when your questing is a part i miss in nearly all RPG’s. The visualisation of progress in your surroundings. Not just text based.
So how about our own Devil’s Crossing. The hero’s seat of power (maybe his own customisable faction). An abandoned Keep, a lost ruin, a little hamlet, … who knows. :slight_smile:
How could it work and what could it provide?
This is how i see it. Your exploring the world of Cairn and you stumble on a hidden passage (could be multiple locations). You find insert base and see that its empty but has huge potential. While you continue your journey (killing frenzy) and you come across a group of scavengers that are fighting for there lifes. You save em and tell em about your little hideout. Once you return you see some changes. A central fireplace, some tents and several piles of scrap.
The scavengers standing at the scrap pile offer an quest that sends you out in the world to recover there equipment. So said, so done. With there equipment returned you unlocked the resource cache. It will generate scrap, physical component and items. Other people could be an alchemist, Artificer, Sage, occultist, etc… all offering quests and adding a form of a passive generation of usable items. They also can be upgrade (tiers) through quests items and reputation.
You could even add the crucible to the location so it doesnt feel detached from the game. Arena with spectators. :slight_smile:

Bounties & bad luck protection

Well im not the luckiest person around. But there are people who got even worse luck when it comes to loot.
So here is what i was thinking.
The bounties do offer something. But they break the fast paced flow of the game by sending you back to camp. Why not remove the table and add them randomly to the world? add a marker to it once your in proximity of an bounty. On completion you get a bounty mark. Those marks can then be exchanged for component of tokens. Those tokens give a guaranteed high quality item. so you can target a specific item.
Token cost should be high so it adds a way for us poor unlucky sods.
(kinda of a bad lucky project that tells you to play the game)


Weapons of incredible power an customisation. They gain experiance and power through devouring other items. You get to pick the stats and build the perfect weapon for your build or the perfect build for your weapon.
At the end of the ‘‘current’’ act you get a fragment. It pops a quest that sends you all over Cairn to look for the other fragments. (Could be found on Nemesis or hidden locations (Hidden paths i look at you)).
Once you got all the pieces you can reforge it to a weapon(s) of your liking.
The weapon will be inert and powerless. Once you start feeding it with other high quality items it will gain power. Adopting the stats of the consumed item.
At certain breakpoint you’ll be able to pick a skill,modifier or talent from your current professions.

To be continued…

Love the idea of artifact weapons :), could devs add an option to enable/disable a health bar on top of the monster heads? And see the debuffs or buffs of the monsters too. Keep up the good work, im really enjoing AoM expansion so far.