Ideas, gaps, doubts and some questions

Dear all.

In my 60 hours of playing I have observed that…

  • Time goes by too fast or items don’t last long enough.
  • The gold is not stored in the safe and I do not locate where it is (being disabled the stores).
  • Heavy tools wear out even when the building is disabled (the mill for example).
  • Villagers leave some items on the roads and do not pick them up.
  • The gold needed to build a building, where does it go? who keeps it? a king? a ruler? is it shared by the workers? is it “lost”?
  • Food should last a little longer in winter, on the other hand in summer or with a heat wave, it should last less.
  • Bees should not be seen flying around the hives in winter (very few insects come out in winter and even less in snow).
  • Rats are a nightmare, no matter how many rat catchers I put in and various composting areas, more and more rats.
  • Salt? Ice? salt is and has been very important in all civilizations, on the other hand ice (snow) could be stored in winter (underground) for cooling.
  • Weapons of dead raiders (enemies fallen in combat) should be able to be collected.
  • Locating a hunter’s or gatherer’s working area is very tedious, especially on a large map.
  • When you have several buildings of the same type, you should be able to move from one to another easily.
  • A minimap and more zoom is necessary, I think it is basic.
  • If I change a defense tower (Watchtower) of place, the guards lose their weapons and must pick up new ones (I don’t know if it’s a bug).
  • The merchant of the TP, leaves being the village attacked, isn’t he afraid of being assaulted? why doesn’t he take an escort?
  • An escort to protect a cargo on a long journey is a good idea.
  • What about horses? sheep? goats? hens, chickens? ducks?
  • guard dogs? cats, for rats?
  • And an inn (hostal) where to shelter any passing traveler, where even to trade some articles, where to serve meals and sleep.
  • A barber shop, a dentist?
  • And some kind of “traveling circus” that would pass by once every few years to entertain and to celebrate the villagers.

Surely some of these ideas have already been put forward by someone else.

I hope it helps and that some of them are welcome.


Hello again,

I forgot something A first person view? in the style of Anno 1800 to see the settlement close up.


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basically everything you said has been talked about many times before lol
If you numbered your statements if would be easier for you to know what stuff
I’m replying to lol I’ll sorta repeat some so you know.

life span of items is the problem. I like how fast time goes and play 3x speed only.

heavy tools yeah that should be fixed

items USED to be all over the place. I mean they dropped them like crazy 8,2
it is not that bad.

the gold goes to the king

I agree about food rate but we are going way beyond game and into real simulation.
example when a trader shows up with 1200+ logs you really think that can fit in 1 cart?

bees again this is just a game though I guess they could add more graphics for the hives
in the winter but…

Rats not seeing any issues here. works fine for me. Though is is a pain in the butt
to cover everything easily. I think rat catcher should work like compost yard and no
target circle/

Salt and many many other things. horses sheep chickens and on and on

Ok you used to get stuff form dead raider somewhere along the way it broke.
There is a mod for this one.

yes I agree Locating a hunter’s or gatherer’s grrrr and why i use the Building mod. It adds arrows and you can click through the building and find stuff quickly.

your next statement same reply lol

Hmmmm re arm I would think that is a bug or at least a coding oversight.
I would think the guards would hang on to their stuff but they could be told
to give it back to the town if they do not own that stuff.

escort well you are getting way to into real vs game but sure if they add that
is would be nice.

horses etc… talked about that already. It has been asked for hundreds of times
in the forums. (cats to get rats has been brought a lot also)

sure an inn would be nice. a church/temples/bridges/ etc… all has ask for many times

well sure a barbershop and dentist would be nice but that is getting a bit off the track now.

traveling circus ok this is the first time I saw this one lol sure why not but again
it is soooo down at teh bottom of the list lol

indeed all of what you said has been put forth many times except the traveling circus lol
It helps because the Devs see everyone saying the same thing and thus they do and have added
many thing because of that.

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Thank you Groovy.

I guessed that many things, someone had already commented before, I did not know that almost everything (jajaja) but that’s good so it adds points.

I would like FF to have the best of other games I have enjoyed (and enjoy).

One last note, I don’t use Mods and I don’t see it appropriate, before it’s final release in it’s stable version.


oh don’t feel that way because most mods do nothing but add stuff to make is easier to navigate etc… add better zoom on camera. add arrows on building so you can next click and fond building quickly. that is the only mods I use. of course you CAN add the god mode mods but it will
totally ruin the game for most people.

use the find building mod to fast find buildings. it is great! on a large map with 11 hunters it is the only way I can find them easily.