If I update a mod, will I lose my progression?

Hi everyone! I’m new to the game and I have been playing vanilla for the last week. I just started playing the DAIL mod compilation. I know that there is an update of the compilation coming soon, and I’d like to know if my characters with the current DAIL mod will continue being usable on the next version of the mod compilation. I think this question applies with any mod; If you play let’s say grimmer and grimmest and the mod gets an update and you download it, can you just continue playing normally with the same characters after updating the mod? Or you have to restart a fresh character for the new update?

Thank you for your answers!:smiley:

You will not lose progression.

Thank you for your answer! Have you experienced it youself with DAIL?

I have it experienced it with everything, if you lost character progress when updating a mod you’d lose progress when GD itself updated.

Ok I see. Thank you.

However if you have started a modded quest with multiple objectives(kill X, kill Y…), if this quest has been updated you might lose this progress and have to complete again these objectives.

Ok so at least from what I understand I don’t completely lose my character. Having to do some quests again is therefore not that bad. Thank you for your answer,