Improving my 2h Flame Purifier!

so some peopel said the guide i was following was a bit out of date, so i need to know if theres any changes i should make to this build to make it better and more up to date. No speculation pls, i want to know for sure!

well, I made a similar build (you can watch it here Let's bring BIG GUNS TO THE BATTLE - 2H Purifier). It’s pretty up-to-date and capable of clearing endgame.

Welp, that’s me disqualified. Unless… you’re already using two GG MIs, why not slap on a Kaisan’s Eye instead of the Shard?

what about devotions, are they fine? shoudl i switch them around? also wats GG MIs?

mythical pyroclasm vs lvl 65 sigil of chthon, which is better?

sigil adds like 70 OA and a proc with 600 or so flat fire damage, pyroclasm has bigger %, some flat damage, attack speed and +1 to relevant skills, which would be better?

GG MIs - The boots and pants, Monster Infrequent gear that is basically impossible to get in game. The boots aren’t MI, but the same concept applies. Worth noting that the Battlecry from the “of Kings” suffix doesn’t stack.

Pyroclasm is doing more, for exactly the reasons you listed. You’re above 3000 OA with Deadly aim up so that isn’t critical. Attack speed is very important. Devotions seem fine. Basically having to take Kraken for 2h builds does limit options.

no, the battle cry its self doesnt stack, just the chance to proc it does i believe, which is important since the build is kinda bursty anyway.

what about components? any better options than what i have? are topaz’s not worth it?

so i changed the rings and i added the Osyr’s temper augment for more OA & DA

any further changes i could really make here that’d help?