In which class combo is good for using AAR as a beginner?

I love playing using AAR in Grim Dawn. Last I had played was around a year ago, at that time was playing a lightning AAR mage hunter following Armoured Mage - Tanky Beginner-friendly Lightning AAR Mage Hunter (Beginner's Guide included)

But since then a lot of versions have come out and a ton of changes have been made, so decided to again start fresh to experience the game anew. Is the guide in link still viable for endgame or does as per some other class is better suited for playing AAR for a beginner ?

Any input would be appreciated.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Necromancer. You get nice hp boost with some %aether dmg and a nice -RR relatively early into the skill tree just from one skill (with one node). Also this might help:

Battlemage and Warlock too, even mage hunter. There are beginner guides for them too on the forum :slight_smile: look in build compendium click build for beginner. I guess also sorc can work well

Wait Battlemage is now good ? A year back it was a combo with very less synergies etc. What changed ? Also just searched a little more, is [] Budget physical AAR Battlemage a good build to aim as a beginner ? Or would you recommend some other?

So Spellbinder is what’s good now ? Does the -Aether RR in Necro now enough to handle aetherials in endgame ? I remember fire or lightning being the go to for AAR back then. Your opinion ?

It is less flexible but yeah it is very tanky build, lots of armor and defenses and OA
But you need some items later for conversion (true for all AAR builds)

I made some proposals in the end of that thread :slight_smile:

Mage hunter most flexible, you can do basically all damage sources except physical and vitality :stuck_out_tongue: fire, lightning, aether, chaos are just fine

If I were you, I would go with battlemage because I think it has the highest potential and is also kindof an underdog :slight_smile:

I do love the idea of a Battlemage, just worried about -RR and it’s performance in endgame, since the author itself said he could only do low stages of SR, aside from that would be really nice to try it

with the beginner build yes of course you can only do low SR if they could do “all” content it would not be budget build right :slight_smile:

Look at the “real” end game builds. My version does SR 80 without a sweat drop. Sure lots of farming of gaer to be done but that you have to do with all builds.

Physical damage monsters are less resistant too in the first place. Further more, damage converted to physical ignore armor too

Death stalker relic blueprint you can target farm, black matriarch ring is also common drop. Ravager helm is trickier to get though.

Alright mate, you convinced me, will level a Battle Mage with Physical AAR, will definitely be quite different and unique. Though I may bug you in some weeks etc after reaching endgame for some suggestions etc…:sweat_smile:

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Ask in the guide thread :slight_smile:

Also the off hand for end game build is also farmable from one of the bosses to aquire seal of morgoneth (but then you need grimdawn amulet for life leech)

Lightning Mage Hunter is perhaps the easiest AAR build for beginner. My second option will be aether Spellbinder.


From best to worst:

  1. Lightning
  2. Fire
  3. Aether
  4. Everything else

Ya, Lightning AAR Magehunter hands down