In need of some Advice!

Hey guys, Im looking for a build for a semi new player? Ive played the game off and on for a few years (mainly just beating the story of the xpacs and nothing more) but now i have the urge to try to do end game. So what im in need for is some kind of build that i can ride out to the end that has good gear scaling to carry me into that end game content without having to have X Piece of gear to make it work. Big thanks for the help!

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By “endgame” people usually mean Crucible and SR. Youre then asking for a build that can get you to begin running SR and Crucible correct?

Have you beaten all the other game content already? You completed the story in base game and expansions, but in which difficulties?

yes sorry if the post was a little hard to understand. But yes a build that I can take into SR or crucible that has a low gear requirement to start performing well.

Panetti Mage Hunter is what comes to my mind. Easy to pilot, no green items required, a couple of super common blues, crafted helmet, a faction medal, Iskandra relic and full invoker set. There are 2-3 random legendary items that can be tougher to acquire, but the build starts working with anything which fits those slots nicely, full gear is required if you want to roflstomp gladiator crucible and high shards in shattered realm.

IIRC there should be a good build by @mad_lee in the compendium section of the forums.


I would suggest Blademaster then, even without Belgothian Set, with self found gear you can go mid-level end-game content and farm your own gear with it. [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster this build with greens and faction items is a bit out of date but has good stats and certainly can improve itself, it atleast can give you some ideas to start with.

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