Increased base threat generation of all pets

about Increased base threat generation of all pets. can reveal some accurate threat numerical value for kind of master pet?
until now I dont know two equipment provide threat values is directly superimposed or other calculation methods; equipment provide threat values is directly superimposed to pet skill and devotion skill or not?
This is related to the collocation of equipment and the control of monster threat.

@Zantai Please share some details to let us know, thanks.

I checked the threat value of Ground Slam from

*\Grim Dawn\database\records\skills\playerclass06\pets

Ember Claw and Blight Burst has the same value. Rotting Fumes is less, 20 at rank 1 and 42 at rank 22.

And Mythical Beastcaller’s Talisman gives Thron and Hound 30. Ghol’s Mark is 40.

Unfortunately, I have no idea about the base threat.

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Thanks Man, I know Taunt Value of Skill and equipment, what I want know is like 2 Threat equipmen in char is direct plus numerical value or other methods.

I think it is related to Weapon Damage, like Life Leach.
Attacks and skills with over 100% WD will add the full threat value of equipment, and partial if WD is less than 100%. But I suspect the maximum threat value for a single attack is 100.
Not sure, the above is just my guess.

Yes,This is correct

It’s a bit less indeed, Hero type is 10~20% Taunt res, Boss and Nemesis is 33%, almost no effect on the boss and cant additional equipment threat numerical value.