Ingame bugs - serveral

Hi dudes! :slight_smile:

I nearly played 50h in a few days, really brilliant work, keep it up :slight_smile:


  • Repair buildings: Especially with a 200+ pop, damaged buildings often collapse, even with free workers/builders, THIS is probably no bug but a “bad” priority setting… But I can just move the building (also to the exact same location) which will cost work force but no ress to repair and have a fully functional building, that is quite a strong exploit. (Would have killed me, if that doesn’t work, because I don’t get them to repair the damaged buildings)^^ Overall, workers at high pop are somehow inefficient, but I can’t tell why.

  • cow farm: Sorry, I play in german, too lazy to translate. :smiley: The upgraded farm should house 16 instead of 13 cows, but is still locked at 13. Not sure if the upgrade does anything atm…

  • Main building: It’s confusing, i guess you can count it as a bug… I have everything I need in stock, but it seems i am lacking 2 goods. It looks like, the game is counting the tier3 goods as missing, but tier 2 houses don’t consume furniture and glass wares and I have tons of that stuff in the warehouses. The overview should show me, that I have 100% of the needed goods, because I have.

That’s it for today. Have a nice day =)

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