Ingame glyphs

Greetings - After playing for 700+ hours I have a few questions. The monsters in the game sometimes have a glyph above their heads like when I cast a flash-bang, this funny little nebulous white ring appears around a monster I suppose indicating that the the flash-band took effect on that monster, yes?

And the shield or weapon that is broken glyph I assume means that the shield or weapon is broken or reduced in effect is used?

There are, however, a multitude of other effect or status glyphs that I haven’t a clue as to what they mean. For example in the current iteration of my Commando, I’m seeing a blue skeleton over a monsters head with an x through it (the glyph) that is also blue as I recall. I’ve looked through my equipped items and can’t see anything that could be responsible.

So anyone know what that might mean. The wider question that will help me most is - is there a list or compendium of glyphs and what they mean. Like there is all sorts of stuff on the floor, air, flying etc. A comprehensive list of glyphs and meaning would be very helpful.

Also, very small and sometimes brief “icons” come up just above the vitality bar. Bleeding is obvious enough. Yet there are many that are incomprehensible to me anyway.

A list of spells with glyphs perhaps.

BTW . . . . developers, nice job, and with 700 hours I hope you all can see how much fun I’ve had with this game.


White ring above their heads is confusion.

Broken sword icon = lowered damage/offensive
Broken shield icon = lowered defense