Inquisitor runes/seal & interaction with devotions

These skills appear to be treated more like summon abilities than spellcasts, which i imagine is how they are handled in game (probably so that they can provide multiple different effects and trigger devotions off multiple related effects, which i understand normal spellcasts cannot do due to technical limitations)

However, this means that the devotion activation chances do not take the skills’ cooldowns into account, and use their (very low) base activation chances even when the cooldown of the spell would normally cause this chance to be substantially higher.

I feel like these skills should have their devotion proc chances reexamined, since they are not a persistent effect, like a summon, that can potentially trigger devotions repeatedly without needing to be recast for a long period of time. For the most part, they are single-shot, short duration effects, and other parallel skills (lets use Blackwater Cocktail as an example) can cause similar effects but also benefit from increased proc chance due to the skills’ cooldown.

For Blackwater cocktail, with the high potency morph, the skill has a 5 second cooldown, slightly under a 5 second duration, affects a >4m radius, and has a 42% chance to trigger aetherfire on every tick, for every target affected.

Inquisitor’s seal has a 5 second cooldown natively, a 12 second duration, and its offensive ‘rebuke’ ability has a <4m base radius, but only gets the base 15% chance to proc aetherfire.

+1 This also aplies to rune skills.