Inquisitor Seal transmuter

Why is there such a huge debuff to casting speed on it? It fits thematically but casters, in general tend to move around more and as such don’t benefit as much from the seal as melee builds in the first place so why handicap them?
And what about Forcewave and similar melee casting skills?

What do you think?

It’s a choice you have to make. If you are a caster you don’t have to choose it.

If you are let’s say a pierce infiltrator then great, no loss. But if you are a caster that uses channeling spells: FoI, Albrecht etc. then you most likely will just not take it unless you somehow have too much cast speed

That sounds like a choice just for the sake of there being one.

I much prefer how Maiven’s does it by trading defense for an overall damage debuff.
Here it’s just a big handicap to specific builds and a huge buff to others with no drawback, for one single skillpoint.

Maiven is too good to ignore on any build, it’s not really a choice. If you get arcanist you get maiven.

Null Field on the other hand is very optional - strong but won’t help you in every situation). There’s nothing wrong about giving some builds an advanage (any 2H related transmuter is basically this), although I’d say giving it to anything but stand-still casters who are the least played archetype is questionable.

Having up to 60% Deflect on all the time is no small thing. it’s something you consider according to your class combo/gear.

Null Field + Shadow dance +gear mods could easily get 75% deflect and was Op null filed was thus nerfed