Is it me or the inquisitor incoming looks like the wizard of hellgate london?

Handling a gun and a magic booster in the other. If it is , im very glad cuz im a huge fan of hellgate london.

I weep for that game. :frowning: I miss it so much.

It was a great game. But released too soon.
And I mean really too soon.
Just imagine Hellgate: London in a city like the New York of The Division.

A few more years and they would have had the option to resort to crowdfunding.

The game was simply started too soon, and so it ended too soon.

Yep they just hadn’t enough money sadly:) With a nextension it would be top 3 game all time for me.

The music , the mix beetween modern and heroic fantasy wow incredible.

You guys might be interested in a project called London 2038, which aims at bringing back the original Hellgate London multiplayer experience. The project is pretty far advanced and has a server in alpha testing mode right now. Dev diaries, alpha testing application, faq, etc at the following link: