Insanity Mod needs dedicated patch testers

Hey guys.

The title about sums it up. I’m looking for people with free time, work ethic (it’s not always fun), and a good sense of arpg’s to test the coming insanity patches. You will have a direct line via Steam/ FB or skype to reach me about comments and suggestions, and I will make a boss for you from scratch. I need about 3-4 people.

Disclosure; there would be nothing stopping you from leaking unfinished mod builds, but this is a sort of honor system. I spend countless hours daily making this and ask for nothing in return, so keeping these patches and other knowledge you’d get from the mod truly classified would be sincerely appreciated.

Benfits would be very early game patches, and a boss created by your design.

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Hey, if you still need some testers. I would be interested to do some helping. I have somewhere 800h game time on Grim Dawn. Actually real time, when I’v been playing would be somewhere 200h. I am kinda alt-o-holic :smiley: I make class duo and play the game somewhere half way and then make another duo and so on and on and on and on :smiley:

Anyways. I do have some experiece on GD and I’d like to help you. I wont leak any stuff to others until testing is done and you are happy with results. You can reach me on Steam named timolein. Thats my profile name. Feel free to add me to friends and connect me when needed

Alright awesome man. I’ll get at you very soon. Thanks.

Still need a few more testers before I give the patch reigns over. Don’t be shy. I don’t expect more than a couple hours a day with balance testing.

Thanks guys. Also, soon to be new info on Insanity.


In need of a few more patch testers who can afford a couple hours a day to play early patches and report bugs or gameplay inconsistencies/ balance.

Have one candidate, but I want to give the early patch when ive at least 4 people to help.

Thanks guys.

I’m about to hit the hay but I’ll take a look more into this in the morning and let ya know.

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The current build as it is was a mistake. No balance, filled with bugs, i’m reluctant for it to be judged based on iits current state, since ive every intention of fixing everything. As long as you can look past its current state (why I need people, after all.) , this would be awesome of you.

Sure then no prob. Just let me know whenever you’re ready (if you are still waiting on more people) and I should be able to give it a go for a bit most days.

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Awesome man, hugely appreciated. Still waiting on two more people, but if too much time passes and you get busy, I wouldn’t hold it against you to drop out. But it shouldnt be long

Need 2 more testers!!!

Hi m8, if u still need one more tester u can count on me
Im playing the game since alfa