Inspect a dead hardcore character

Would it be much effort to let player open the inventory window (with equipped items, skills, devotions, stats) for a dead hardcore character? In completely read-only mode of course. I always wanted to do that.
With this I could check what cool helmet I was wearing, where my stats were lacking or how many points I put where. Right now all I can do is delete the dead character which hinders learning from it.

Yes, I know I can import a save to GrimTools. But apart from being an external tool another downside is that it’s not guaranteed to show everything exactly as in the game (item rolls, gameplay statistics on 3rd tab, how many skill points a character actually earned).

I usually just remove the HC tag from them in GDstash.

Yeah and perhaps change their name with the same program to RIP_PREVIOUS_NAME so that you can differentiate.

Don’t really have that problem because I don’t have legit SC builds since 2016.

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