Interaction Wind Devil - Devotion proc


I’m using Wind devil to proc some devotion power, but there is some unknowns.

WD proc Blind Fury (from Oleron)

How could I increase the nb of proc?
Does my IAS intervene?
Is it useful to put points into raging tempest and/or maelstrom?
As Blind fury proc 100% on crit, in this case, I should increase my OA for increase the proc, but what about the damage of blind fury? Does it take my weapond dmg or the one of the WD?


I do not know if that will help, but devotion proc from Wind Devil seems to benefit the wind devil which proc it, not the player.
That it the case with Reckless Tempest, when it procs, it comes off the wind devil not my player (it’s really cool when there three wind devils as they each seem to proc their own Reckless tempest).

I don’t know if it works the same for Blind Fury.

No idea on the Blind Fury specific questions - but definitely toss at least one point into Maelstorm if using WD to trigger a devotion skill - it counts as a separate hit and can hit enemies even a little outside the WD.

But the cooldown is per wind devil or one for all?

I haven’t really tested it, but it seems that each wind devil has its own cooldown.
That seems to be the when i got 2 or 3 wind devils on screen, each seems to have its own reckless tempest.