Interested in testing

Hey! I love city builders! Are you guys going to have a kickstarter for this too? Or is there a way I may sign up for alpha/beta testing? So excited to see how this comes out! Really not enjoying the current state of city builders. SimCity, a bit too simple, I think. City Skylines, well, just don’t like how Paradox DLC’s us, the consumer, to death. Therefore, I really don’t buy many of their games. If I do, tend to wait for game of the year editions or some kind of bundle where I get most, if not all, for a cheap price.

So really looking forward for this game! Best of luck!

No Kickstarter since Crate have been working on it for about 3-4 years now. No idea what they might do about testing it. Something else we wait to hear about if Medierra would just frigging decide to tell us MOAR! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for the heads up! I unplugged from Facebook and Twitter, really all social media. So wasn’t sure if there was more news on that front or not. Still fairly new to the forums too, but will certainly try to keep a lookout here for news on that front!

Well, what little we know is in this thread

Obviously will get updated whenever Medierra finally talks about it. If he ever does!

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