Internet is killed by EU laws

Dark ages of the internet world is happening.


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Edit: Do indies and kickstarting market business is impossible in future with this atrocious law?

I don’t know but i feel people has to realize that the idea of democracy is purely theorical.

I support the EU, usually, but they are capable of some stupid shit sometimes. This is one of those times. But there are EU elections in a couple of months and I’ll be voting for someone who intends to repeal this.

I am confused now. Is it this ?

Check for Copyright in the digital single market and vote result.

The Internet is bigger than the EU… this thing will backfire, it is a nonsensical law, decided by computer illiterates.

Yeah this…

So, what exactly is the law? what does it do?

simply put, it is intended to protect / reimburse the creators of content for their work - and by creators I mean music publishers, movie companies, newspapers, not some bloggers or youtubers.

To do so, it asks for reuse of such works to be identified and for ‘someone’ to then reimburse the creator. So far so maybe reasonable.

The problem is how you want to enforce this and how you distinguish between fair use and something that goes beyond that and requires compensation.

What it seems to boil down to is that news aggregators have to pay the sites they aggregate the news from, but last time this was tried, the end result was that the news aggregators (Google esp.) went to the papers and basically said ‘if you want your articles in our aggregate, you have to agree that we can freely use them without reimbursing you, your reimbursement is whatever traffic that generates to your site. If you disagree, we will exclude you from our aggregate.’. I see no reason why now that this is at EU level (rather than one country doing this) this will go any differently.
So that settles it for newspapers, they cannot win this fight. So as far as I am concerned, this one does not have an impact and won’t accomplish what it is intended to do. All it does is get people upset at the politicians stupidity and corruption.

The other part was for Youtube and other sites like that. Here the site hosting the content is responsible for identifying the content and reimbursing the actual creator of it.

There is no sensible way to do this outside of upload filters (which the EU is kinda against - or at least not openly for, but since they have no clue how else to do it, they hope that someone smart comes up with an idea on the tech side, certainly no one did on the law end of things, they rather shut their eyes and pretended there was no problem with eating the cake (identifying content) and keeping it too (doing so without upload filters).

The same thing will happen here, either Youtube comes up with a filter that then manages to probably also filter out fair use at least some of the time, or YT will not allow uploads from within the EU. This will screw over youtubers etc, rather than the movie / music industry, unfortunately.
In any case, these content filters will be something that the big tech companies develop, cementing their reach and squeezing out the small local competitors that cannot afford to develop that kind of tech.

So here the end result is worse, you destroy a new ‘ecosystem’ to preserve the dinosaurs of movie and music. Best case you do limited damage and partially accomplish your goal of reimbursment for the price of destroying the smaller hosting competition to the likes of Google and Facebook. Making them more powerful in the process, which is an unintended side effect and problematic in either the short or long run.

Again, you upset the population, but you appease the media companies that spend some nice money on you. Whether you actually accomplish anything ‘positive’ (ie reimbursements for media companies) at all is at best unclear, but you do so by causing a lot of damage, so it is an overall net negative.
Worst case Google just decides that uploads from within the EU are no longer possible, because they cannot be bothered to identify copyrights of the uploaded content and coming up with an automated mechanism for reimbursing the creator - or they again work towards a blanket agreement as they did with the newspapers, in which case nothing whatsoever changes… no idea which one it ultimately will be here

Yeah, that seems like the net neutrality thing all over again.

Ironicallly the EU was on the right side of that argument. They’re exasperatingly stupid sometimes.

I knew it will happen somedays , i think it will be harder to have stuff on internet , noooo my musiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic :cry:

will US tech companies boycott EU?

Maybe I’m terribly wrong on this part. Do you guys think another economic crisis will happen again since small companies cannot afford to pay ridiculous link tax fees and all information, references and knowledge are being restricted or behind paywall. And no free speech. Since indies and small companies are being operated by free knowledge (But not entirely) and words from our lips. With this abhorrent law, small companies have no business opportunity.

If free speech and widely accessible information are censored, do you guys think we will have more criminal activities than what we have today? And “Worst Case Scenario”, do you guys think WW3 will happen anytime soon since no more information warfare since information are too expensive to buy than buying weapons?

Just like I said, I’m maybe too over-exaggerating but we still can’t ignore all these possibilities. Right now we are living in total darkness than ever before if May 23 2019 EU election lose to the party whose came up this abomination.

@ AlbertX:
No to all these things.

My visions of “(Post-)Apocalypse” only refer to P&P-RPGs.

I don’t get your saying. Can you give me more details what are you trying to describe?

by NordVpn (Maybe)

There’s also no practical way to do it even with upload filters. The sheer volume of data that would need to be compared relative to the frequency at which new data is added (new uploads) makes for an untenable system, even for Google (+Youtube)/Facebook/etc.

The computational complexity of what the law requires is more or less decades beyond our ability to solve and implement efficiently.

Edit: This is in reference to Article 13/17. Article 11 can be implemented albeit to equally disastrous results.

Edit 2: To our friends in the EU, a reminder that elections are coming up in May. Also, these laws will not take effect until 2021.

Drama queen :rolleyes:
Yes you are over reacting and talking about unrelated things

Those elections won’t change anything. People will just continue voting for whatever party / dude they’ve always been voting for. I’m not 100% sure, but atleast 90%, that the majority will vote for the wrong people. Because less stuff on the internet = less freedom of speech = Democracy is safe, right?!?! :eek:

Or as our glorious leader Merkel said around 5 years ago: “The internet is unknown territory for all of us.” :rolleyes: