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We recently answered some questions for WCCFTech

Stop on by for some insight into the Forgotten Gods and the upcoming XBox port’s release.

Also, in case you missed it, PCGamer has declared Grim Dawn one of the best RPGs to play on PC:

Very very disappointed with Sony, i really wanted this on ps4, hope and pray one day they sort this out.


Sony :furious: the best arpg of all time, what are you waiting for, Sony:confused:

So what I read out if this is that if enough people buy the new expansion, we can see a third one coming? I am also very happy you said that Grim Dawn 2 would be very much possible, I feared you would probably want to focus on another game or another genre after Grim Dawn.

I am not happy to hear that adding in game searches or categories to items like for crafting or filtering are difficult to do… It is one of the major annoyances of the game, the handling of your items and the crafting.

I don’t think they (or Zantai rather) has said that another expansion is guaranteed if Forgotten Gods exceeds expectations but that they will consider it. Slight difference.

I am also very happy you said that Grim Dawn 2 would be very much possible, I feared you would probably want to focus on another game or another genre after Grim Dawn.

“Possible” does not necessarily mean soon. We know they have a city builder project in the works that medierra is working on that I believe Zantai has said is in a playable state but is currently not feature complete.

Medierra also has said that they want to step away from ARPGs for some time due to burnout from developing them for so long and that he’d be happier with more funds to throw at a Grim Dawn sequel first.

My guess right now? I don’t think we’ll see a Grim Dawn 2 for a few years yet.

From Friday’s stream:

“AdiosOcelote : Didn’t you say the same after releasing AoM?
I mean I suppose we did, but ultimately it is a financially driven decision. I guess if Forgotten Gods blows us away in terms of how many copies it sells then maybe a third expansion would be discussed. But at this time isn’t not like - we’re definitely doing a third expansion.”

And these from the 25th May stream:

"Any plans for new expansions post Forgotten Gods?
Fogotten Gods isn’t even out yet and you’re asking me for expansions after that. That will depend entirely on how Forgotten Gods does, but realistically the team would probably like to try some new things soon. We can’t be working on Grim Dawn forever. And financially speaking each expansion will sell less than the last. So keeping that in mind, while we expect Forgotten Gods to pay for itself and make us a profit as a company I’m not sure it’ll sell as well as Ashes of Malmouth did. That’s just the nature of people moving on to other games.

When we move on from Grim Dawn, will there be any possibility of picking Grim Dawn back up in the future - perhaps 5 or so years later?
I would certainly say that’s entirely possible. We’re not ruling out potentially doing a Grim Dawn 2 some day or some other games in the Grim Dawn universe. That’s all up to what the future holds. It’s too early to say."

And Medierra’s reasoning from way back in November 2016:

We’re still waiting for that last sentence to be realised - nearly 2 years down the line now (cough, cough, hint, hint - begging here Big M).

how beautifully this game has grown all these years.
Keep it up guys i adore the game

Grim Dawn for the win!!!:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:cool::cool:

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