Hi I’m James!

My little brother timmy or dexxxter25 introduced me to this game. I’m really excited to try it out!

Welcome to the forums James. The game, even in alpha state, is fun to play!

Hello and welcome to Grim Dawn and the forums!

Enjoy the game!

yeah i can’t wait to try it out! I had been on the fence about spending the money for a new game. lol I think this will be well worth it though. I’m just waiting or my KEY :slight_smile:

Is there a thread that gives the story line or anything? I wanted to learn more about the game.

thanks guys

Right now besides helping the survivors in Devil’s Crossing and exterminating the Warden there isn’t much of a story besides the general idea that the Aetherials have taken over most of Burrwitch with an encampment of Cultists and Chthonic entities mustering outside Burrwitch Village.

I think the Beta will reveal a bit more when it comes to the story.

ok cool. I read the about section a number of times haha And got some of that from my brother when I was talking to him about it.

This is my first time to participate in any kind of alpha/beta. It is just finishing installing now so i’ll finally get to try it!

I’m proud of you James, probably your first time ever posting on a forum. Looking forward to MP!