Inventory/Character Screen Placement

Hey guys, I’m brand new to grim dawn and I must say so far I think it’s awesome. I’m still getting used to everything - I’m a meager level 7.

I had one suggestion, I gave a quick search and nothing came up - and I’m sure everyone compares this game to D2.

One thing I enjoyed about D2, compared to this, was that when there was a lot of loot on the ground, and I opened up the inventory screen, the inventory screen went off to the right side of the screen, and centering my player on the other left half of the visible playing field. Allowing me to micro manage the loot that surrounded my hero as well as in my inventory!

What do others think of this? Do devs plan on implementing something like this?

Right now, I don’t think it’s a big problem, just makes the game much more streamline in my opinion!

EDIT: Also, what about a drag and drop screen, upon closing and opening will return to it’s previous postion??

Cheers all,


I like the movable window(s) idea for character, skills and map.

Not so much for loot really, but being able to watch the character info tabs while using the training dummies would be nice for watching the stats.

As it is now, I can start an attack then pull up the char window and the attack will keep going but that has some limitations.

Although, since I’ve gotten used to them just being in the middle and covering whatever is behind, I’d probably discover all sorts of things which become nicer with them movable.

One of the first things I really wanted when playing this game was the ability to move the various windows around, especially inventory so I could shuffle things around whilst picking up loot to slot in to the backback.

Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad some people agree. Hopefully this can be implemented in somehow!