Invisible blockage v1.1.9.2

Both ingame and on the min-map it looks like I should be able to go through here, but I can’t.


Sort of opposite with this one. Mini-map says there should be no way to go through, but I can.

I’m pretty sure the passage in Bloodied Wastes is not specific to this version.

Maybe not, been a while since I was in there, but it’s still a bug.

I don’t think it’s a bug. To me it looks like an intentional shortcut. It’s a bridge clearly designed to walk across. Actually there’s another one just like that in the same area, a bit to the southeast, not visible on the minimap as well.

Also @Res is correct, these shortcuts have been there since the FG release.

I guess it’s a limitation of the engine. This area uses random bridges instead of random barriers.

They aren’t random, these bridges are always there.

Still, they should show on the mini-map if they’re there.

I think they are secret passages. At least that what I always thought they were… :thinking:

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Why? Just consider them secrets. Speedrunners may even gain a few seconds when using them :wink:

Are they always in the same places?

Yes, they are always there and accessible without blockages.

The Wightmire case is dynamic trees/rocks spawning, that is never reflected on the map.

The Bloodied Wastes is a bug. Map needs to be updated to fix the hole in the pathable area.